Tech Leads:
Harnessing Relationships for Growth

For the first time ever, we are introducing a way to harness the power of relationships beyond borders in Pakistan’s IT sector.

Through a special matchmaking initiative, we are connecting local companies with overseas Pakistanis that are best suited to lead them in their target markets.

This enables Pakistan-based tech companies to efficiently expand their geographical footprint at a fraction of the cost, while overseas Pakistanis leverage local market expertise as sales & marketing leads for the best IT companies back home.

Together, both can grow their revenue through successful deals.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get Registered

Interested companies and individuals can sign up to register their interest in participating. Just provide details about your interest and background.

2. Get Selected

In addition to the matchmaking team, Commercial Counselors will review each application received to assess potential and quality against the selection criteria. Best-fit profiles for the program will be added to a curated list of companies and tech leads.

3. Get Matched

Once selected, companies and potential tech leads can fill out their profiles in the Tech Destination Pakistan directory. PSEB will then match companies to the individual tech lead who can help them.

4. Get Talking

Once matched, companies and their tech leads will be supported by PSEB in their communication and coordination. As these relationships deepen, each will gain a better understanding of how best to position and market each company’s products and services within the tech lead’s networks.

5. Grow Together

With great understanding come even better results. Companies and tech leads will grow together, along with the opportunity to collaborate closely with PSEB and share updates on business development.

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Tech Destination Pakistan is an initiative by Pakistan Software Export Board, Ministry of IT and Telecom, Government of Pakistan


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